The Upper Cocktails

6.75 (1.5oz)

Classic Manhattan

Maker's Mark, a dash of sweet vermouth, topped with maraschino cherry juice.

Classic Caesar

Vodka, clamato juice, worcestershire & tabasco, rimmed, over ice, garnished with lemon, lime, pepperoncini & a spicy bean.

Key Lime Pie

Cake flavoured Vodka, 7 UP, with a splash of lime cordial, over ice, garnished with an orange slice.

Mai Tai

Dark Rum, White Rum, Triple Sec, topped with orange, pineapple & lime juice, dashed with grenadine.

Cool Cucumber

Vodka & cucumber water, garnished with a cucumber slice.

Stouted Caesar 7.75

Your Classic Vodka (1oz) Caesar, topped with Guinness (3oz), garnished with a cucumber slice, pepperoncini & a spicy bean.

Beer Margarita 7.75

Tequila (1oz) topped with Lager (3oz) and a splash of lime, salted rim, over ice.

On Deck Cocktails

5.75 (1 oz)

Smirnoff Vodka
V.O. Rye
Gordons Gin
Captain Morgans Rum
Jose Quervo Tequila
J & B Scotch